4 Tree Caring Tips From a Professional Tree Landscaping Service

A Rewarding Experience in Caring for Your Tree

Caring for a tree and watching it grow can be a rewarding experience. It’s important to take care of your tree during its first few years so it establishes strong roots and grows to be green and healthy. Here are 4 tree caring tips from a reliable tree landscaping service expert.

Water your tree thoroughly right after you plant it.

Watering your tree right away will help settle the soil and mulch, and it will give the roots the moisture they need to start growing. Don’t soak the soil around your tree. Spraying it with a gardening hose for 30 seconds should give it enough water.

Keep the soil moist if your tree is less than 2 years old.

Whenever the soil looks dry, water your tree with a garden hose for about 30 seconds. Young trees need lots of water so they can establish their roots in the soil. Don’t overwater your tree though, or you could cause root rot. The soil should be moist, not soaking wet

Cut back on watering your tree after it’s older than 2 years.

After 2 years, the roots of your tree should be established and it won’t need as much water to grow. If you are staying in an area that gets regular rainfall, you won’t need to worry about watering your tree, unless it’s a species that needs a lot of water. If you live in a dry climate, you may need to water your tree regularly to keep it healthy.

Clear any grass within a 3–10 foot (0.91–3.05 m) area around your tree.

The exact size of the area you should clear depends on how big your tree is. For a smaller tree, clear a smaller area, and for a bigger tree, clear a bigger area. Use a rake or tiller to clear away the grass.

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